Supreme Staffing Solutions, LLC


The mission of Supreme Staffing Solutions LLC. is to build a partnership of trust and common interest with each client and candidate - to provide a significant return on investments  for our client's investment in our services .

Recruiting can be very difficult,  filling a single opening requires dozens of decisions large and small.
Should we advertise? Are we better off using Monster or CareerBuilder or another specialty site? Can LinkedIn and Twitter help us attract the
type of candidates that were looking for? Would a resume search be more effective than advertising? Where will we find the time to screen the applicants? Do we need a recruiter? Can we afford one? There are a lot of questions and dozens of choices to be made.                When you partner with Supreme Staffing Solutions, LLC not only do you have someone who will make the cold calls for you but will also work directly with the entire recruiting process all the way up to the actual start date and you won't pay one dime unless you actually hire someone that we referred to you. Everything that we do is completely on a contingency basis's leaving you with the final authority of who you will choose to hire and who you will not. If you don't hire one of candidates, you won't owe us anything at all.  






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