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Recruiting Financial Advisors is very complicated and complex! Quality producers usually won't  respond to job postings nor do they typically  have an online resume. Most of them are perfectly content at their current firm, and they’d rather be taking care of their own clients needs than looking into  changing  Broker-Dealers. So how do you recruit such exclusive professionals?
By engaging Supreme Staffing Solutions, LLC., for all of your recruiting needs!

Rather than just trying to convince producers to join your firm, our ''cold callers'’ tell advisors about your value proposition and ask those who are both qualified and interested to meet with you face to face in order to  learn more about your platform and your career opportunity.
They will then follow up with the candidate and relay valuable information to you concerning the candidates insights and perspectives to how the meeting went.

Our recruiting team will remain active throughout  the entire recruiting process moving the process forward at any point that things bog down.  This methodology has proven to be highly effective because, at the end of the day, the person best able to present your value proposition to high-level producers is you!
We like to put the potential candidates in front of you and consistently move forward with those that you feel brings value to your organization.  


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